Cello Bubble Guard Board

A revolutionary board engineered to offer endless solutions. Made up from Polypropylene (PP) it is known for its high strength and minimum weight. It is ideal for demanding applications like packaging, paneling, printing and much more.

Cello Bubble Guard Products

Wood protector

Save your expensive wooden Furniture from getting ruined by moisture with Cello wood Protector. It is an easy to install, inexpensive solution to protect your expensive wooden furniture and plywood from moisture and damages. The Cello Bubble guard wood protector series is waterproof and shield your furniture from moisture, bacteria and fungus. It is mostly used at the back of your wardrobe, cabinets, mirrors and other furniture which are susceptible to moisture retention.

Floor Protector

Keep your shiny and expensive tiles safe with Cello Floor Guard. It is water proof, impact resistant, easy to install, reusable & most importantly no debris. The sheet offer high tensile strength, resists stress cracking, retains stiffness & flex, non – staining and easily fabricated. Cello floor protector is a cost effective solution for floor Protection to the building industry. Cello Bubble Guard is an extruded Polypropylene sheet used as protection board that replaces traditional floor protector material like plywood & gypsum board.

False ceiling

Adorn your ceilings with unbreakable, elegant and pre finished Cello False Ceiling. They are waterproof, fire retardant, termite, insect and bacteria proof and the alternative to expensive mineral fiber false ceilings. Ceilings are mostly used in Banks, Software offices, ITParks, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls, Health care facilities, Industries & Typical acoustic application in Multiplex Complex, Theatres, Auditorium Etc.

Wall Panel

Make your walls more attractive with cello wall panels. It is waterproof, termite proof, Heat & sound insulation value and easy to install. The panel offers high tensile strength, resists stress cracking and retains stiffness & flex. Cello Bubble Guard Decorative paneling is designed to provide flexibility, durability & beauty.  It is ideal for hotels, offices, homes, clubs & Commercial Complexes with contemporary design and textures.

Wall Facing Board

Cello Bubble guard wall facing is most economical solution to expensive plywood & mica using as a wall facing board. Replace plywood from cupboard and showcase with beautiful, colorful and non-expensive Cello Wall Facing Boards. Forget the hassles of regular painting or polish.

Door panel/ Partition

Cello Bubble guard Door Panels are used as filler of aluminum PVC, wood & other frames. Its light weight, cost effectiveness and easy installation makes it the first choice for all contractors and builders. The panels are insured of better durability, longer functional life. The panels offer high tensile strength, resists stress cracking, retains stiffness & flex. They are non staining. They are Ideal for Offices, Warehouses, Stores, Industrial sheds, Textile Industries, Chemical Industries, Pharma Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Docks, Ports and Commercial Complexes.

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